September 2014

This month's show is in association with the peace-building charity International Alert. Their Secretary General and No Pressure regular, Dan Smith, gives us a profound and fascinating analysis of the current situation in the Middle East. To ensure the whole show is not built on easy laughs from such a trivial subject we also cover the Ebola virus, politicians posting penis pics and press ethics, and courtesy of Owen Jones' new book, we look at how Disraeli's observation about lies damned lies and statistics is still 109 percent true.

We're back!!

No Pressure is back on Sunday 28th Sept in the refurbished Phoenix, Cavendish Square, at 7.30 pm.

Our panel will be comedians Paul Sinha, Mitch Benn and Suzi Ruffell, and Dan Smith, Secretary General of International Alert. This month’s show will be in association with International Alert as part of their Talking Peace Festival.

James O’Brien will be in the chair, and Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell will be putting it all together.

June 2014

As we’re taking two months off through the summer, here’s a slightly longer podcast than usual; a satirical and seditious seaside special edition, if you will, (not to mention sibilantl) and the perfect way to while away a rainy holiday afternoon when you’re trapped in the Tuscan villa, pinned down under fire from Maoist guerrillas whilst trekking in Nepal, or just too hungover to make it to the beach.