March 2015

Kevin Day is joined by Nick Revell, Susan Murray, Carey Marx and Martin Rowson to discuss topics including Jeremy Clarkson, Prince Charles, swearwords and what exactly satire is. Also featuring an attempted radicalisation of the nation's youth by Alistair Barrie and music from Pippa Evans.

March line-up announced

No Pressure to be Funny - "a charmingly scruffy satire show" (Guardian) and "one of the best topical comedy podcasts out there" (Huffington Post) will be back on Sunday 29thth March in the refurbished Phoenix, Cavendish Square, at 7.30 pm.

This month’s panel will include:

February 2015 Podcast now available

In this month's show we discuss Greece and everything European,, TV shows on Mars, racism on Earth, the relative merits of living in east London and Islamic State. All cheerful stuff. Hosted by Kevin Day, with music from Steve Gribbin and contributions from Nick Revell, and a fine panel comprising Grainne Maguire, Alex Andreou, Robin Ince and Nick Doody.

January 2015 podcast

In this edition we cover the elections in Greece and the UK, comedians who get involved in politics, the limits of causing offence, social injustice in the Middle East, Davos, the Greens, the far-Right, sex and media-presentation, including a long and profound symposium on the aesthetics of the testicles.

James O’Brien hosts, with Tiffany Stevenson, Rich Peppiat, Helen Lewis, Bob Mills and music from Ben Norris.