Festive Edition 2014

No Pressure to be Festive: Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell host the final show of the year, with a lively panel of Jo Jo Smith, Michael Deacon, Hal Cruttenden and first-timer James O’Brien. Music from Paul Thorne. By the way - in keeping with the slightly unconventional nature of this month’sshow we have included Alistair’s regular and largely visual feature, Subterranean Homesick News, in which he supplies the punchlines on large pieces of card. All you need to know is that all the punchlines in this version are blank white pages. Yes, we’ve given away the payoffs. But it still works!

November 2014

James O’Brien hosts, with Bea Campbell, Aisling Bea, Trevor Crook and Tobias Persson discussing - amongst other things - Popes, Revolution, Black Friday and Humanitarian Awards.

With songs on Vans and Class Insults from James Sherwood, and the usual contributions from Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell.

October 2014

Given that two of the biggest topics this week are the global threat of a fatal disease with no cure and a string of stories of sexual violence, it's surprising this is not the most gag-dense edition we've ever done. A compelling and informative discussion of Ebola, courtesy of Médecin Sans Frontières Ivan Gayton; Sameena Zehra offers some interesting activist strategies for a pacifist...; Barry Castagnola offers a profound philosophical rumination on situations where contracting Ebola virus might be attractive; and Chris Coltrane displays a surprising awareness of IKEA.

September 2014

This month's show is in association with the peace-building charity International Alert. Their Secretary General and No Pressure regular, Dan Smith, gives us a profound and fascinating analysis of the current situation in the Middle East. To ensure the whole show is not built on easy laughs from such a trivial subject we also cover the Ebola virus, politicians posting penis pics and press ethics, and courtesy of Owen Jones' new book, we look at how Disraeli's observation about lies damned lies and statistics is still 109 percent true.